Wine: pleasure and responsibility – welcome to Sustainable Austria

We live now in a time in which it is important to assume responsibility together: for our climate, our resources, and of course for society. The new seal of approval ‘Sustainable Austria’ provides you with the opportunity to do. Enjoy those wines, then, which lead toward the future in a sustainable fashion – toward a world in which ethical values and responsible actions matter. Welcome!

The seal of quality

Wine under the sign of Sustainability

“Sustainable Austria” is a seal of approval for wines produced in a sustainable fashion. They are produced in observance of certain economic, ecological and social criteria, and are closely scrutinised for adherence to these principles. From the harvesting of the grapes, through the élevage of the wine to the bottling, the entire production process is critically examined for its contribution to sustainability. Sparing use of water, energy, chemical fertilisers and efficient use of machinery are among those aspects positively evaluated – as are, for example – providing fair working conditions and sustainable business practices. Only when all of these requirements are satisfied is a winegrower permitted to label his wines with this seal.


“Sustainable Austria” – a distinction with a scientific basis

“Sustainable Austria” is the result of many years of scientific research. Together with technical experts, the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association has developed a methodical system of certification for measuring sustainable practices observed by domestic wineproducing establishments. Certified winegrowers have worked their way through a two-step process, in which they are also examined by an external auditor. The certification was initially made available in 2015 – an opportunity of which many wine producers in our country have already availed themselves. To see which ones, please refer to the  sources of supply section on this Website.

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The Winegrowers’ Association

The Austrian Winegrowers’ Association –
sustainable quality matters!

“Sustainable Austria” is a project undertaken by the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association. For decades now we have stood by the wine producers of our nation as a powerful partner. High quality and up-to-date viticulture are a great concern of ours. We feel out trends, look across borders and engage ourselves in various different sectors. In doing this, responsible interaction with resources and individuals is particularly important to us. Developing a certification for sustainably produced wine was one further step we could take, to assure Austria’s wines – internationally as well as in Austria – of a competitive advantage, and to render them fit to meet the future. For our winegrowers and for friends of wine, both at home and abroad.


“Sustainable Austria” – we’d be happy to hear from you!

Please do contact us with any questions you might have concerning “Sustainable Austria”. We will be glad to be of assistance.

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